Firstly, sorry for not posting on the blog for a while… Life has been hectic since the start of April.

But most of all, sorry on behalf of the 48% of the UK population who voted to stay in the EU. Sorry for all the ludicrous headlines and lies the leave camp have put out over the past few months’. Sorry for the way people not born in England have been spoken about. Sorry to all those who believed in the EU and wanted Britain to stay.

Just over one week ago we woke up as strangers in a foreign land. The night before we went to bed in Britain, but what we woke up in was a different country; in one evening all that was good and right in the UK had been swept aside and replaced by a view that we did not share and a decision that we did not want.

As a couple who love to travel, one of us a geographer, the other a historian, the idea of a unified Europe probably meant more to us than it would to others, but neither of us truly believed this would ever come to pass.

A mere 71 years ago, Europe lay battered, bruised and divided. The ruined remains of what was once scarred every cityscape across the continent as millions were left without homes and mourning the losses of loved ones. WW2 had taken an almighty toll on the continent and it was hard to see how it could ever recover. Meanwhile, an iron curtain had descended  over half the continent, plunging those in the east under a further reign of terror.

Whilst it isn’t perfect (but what is?) the EU played a major role in re-uniting a divided country and creating a prosperous Europe. A Europe of co-operation and peace. A Europe that stands together to unite against tyranny. The funding and support the EU has provided to countries and regions across Europe has been vital in stabilising the continent and building a better world for all of us. Protecting our own unique cultures and history, whilst sharing it with others and building upon it.

Unfortunately, a demographic who do not speak for us have made a decision that will impact most upon people like us. We did not vote to leave the EU. We did not vote to turn our backs on our neighbours and we did not vote to cut ourselves off forever more.

On behalf of Britain, we are sorry.


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