We Dream of the World…


We dream to see the whole world… We dream to stand the edge of every continent and then to turn and walk across it… We dream to see the sun rise out of the Pacific Ocean and then watch it set across the same sea, but from a different continent… We dream to see the waters thunder down Iguazu Falls or witness the cherry blossom in Japan.

We dream that the next day we’ll wake up in some distant land, arriving as a stranger and then leaving as a friend. We dream of places unexplored and people not yet met… We dream of losing ourselves in the backwaters of Kerala and then literally getting lost exploring the maze of Marrakech Medina.

We dream big, but for those who dream of travel, the world really is enough. As the tedium of work threatens to engulf us, we dream of Elephants crossing savannah plains or of whales cruising the deep azure blue of the sea… We dream of cricket games played in the shade of the palm trees, or exotic fruit smoothies served on pure white sands.

To see the World is to be a dreamer; for only dreamers get to escape. We dream of emerald oceans lapping golden sandy beaches… We dream of palm trees swaying in the breeze… We dream of mountains impossibly tall and of jungles improbably green. We dream of ruins lost to nature and of castles in the sky.

We dream about cultures so mysterious and afar… We dream of colours not yet seen… We dream of all that is different and beautiful in this World… We dream of festivals bizarre and messy and dream of clothing bright and preppy… We dream of temples majestic and dream too of villages lost to time.

We dream of cities oozing life and hidden hamlets hiding secrets… We dream of exploring Rio, yet also wild camping in Peru… We dream of skyscrapers piercing clouds and of simple homes touching hearts. We dream of life on the road and dream of an end to routine.

For some the world is not enough, but for us it will do just fine… Just let us get across that line.

We dream of what lies beyond the horizon and dream of the unknown. We dream of adventures not yet started and of homes we have not yet known.

We dream that someday soon we’ll follow our dreams and set off into the blue. We dream it together and we’ll succeed just me and you.



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