Christina and I are currently down in North Devon which is where she is originally from. With me being from Cornwall originally as well, the ocean has always held a magnetic draw for both of us and it’s here now looking out over the North Atlantic Ocean where I find myself reflecting on horizons.

Everyone dreams, but it’s often those who love to travel and expand their own mind who dream the most and an infinite ocean horizon often symbolises what’s behind those dreams.

The ocean is vast and for those of us currently stuck in one place, we see on the ocean horizon an opportunity to escape… An opportunity to explore new lands and to meet new people.

Everything we see in our day to day lives is often the same, mundane scenes… Things that are familiar and things that we know. But the horizon symbolises what lies beyond all that we know… The horizon marks the edge of our comfort zone and the start of the next adventure.

Gazing out now across the sea, I feel it calling to me… I want to set sail to where the sun is slowly dropping away… I want to see what lies beyond that horizon… What natural treasures await me and who I may meet…

The horizon is infinite and it fuels our every dream…


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