Our Trips

Part of the joy of travelling is about researching and planning your next trip. When we look at options of where to travel next, we always find ourselves wrestling with a multitude of ideas and countries… The simple solution is for us to take a sabbatical and explore the world, but for now, we have to make do with one large trip a year and two/three smaller trips.

So far, we have explored western and central Europe fairly thoroughly. We are not the types of people who will claim to have explored or seen a country off the back of a city break or a short stay in that country. In our book, you can only say you have really seen a country once you have spent sufficient time there and been able to explore more than just the main tourist sites.

In terms of the countries we have been so far:


France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Croatia and Greece.


Sri Lanka, Morocco, Egypt, Costa Rica and the United States.

The plan now over the next few years is to start seeing more of Asia, Africa and South America. With that in mind, we currently have the following trips planned (albeit all at various stages of planning!):


Sri Lanka, Amsterdam


Iceland, Berlin, France, Montenegro and Vietnam


Istanbul, Morocco and Botswana


Norway, Israel and Peru

World Map